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Power Cover™ was founded in 1996 with the idea to construct a cover system to resolve two major flaws that other cover companies had.Strength and durability.These two words lay the foundation for the thousands of Power Cover systems that are in service to date.Since the early days of Power Cover we have kept the original design intact but have made small updates along the way to keep our growth moving in the forward direction such as using alloys instead of ferrous metals,ultra high molecular weight plastics instead of sand casted aluminum,and spherical teflon coated bearings instead of cartridge ball bearings.All these things and then some give us the edge on other companies of the like,therefore we consider our product to be the highest of qaulity when it comes to making a decision on what brand of load cover to be installed on your truck,trailer,hooklift,rolloff etc.Below are just a few of the highlights our Power Cover system has to hopefully make your choice for cover system much more easier. 

 Arms constructed of rugged 11 guage rectangular mild steel tubing on both DT-1200 and DT-2000 series systems

Brackets are laser cut out of 3/8 and 1/2 hot rolled steel and are bent and outfitted with spherical teflon bearings and jic 4 bulkheads

All hardware is grade 8 yellow zinc phosphate to resist corrision

All our 12volt electric/hydraulic pumps are secured inside our water tight "Powerbox" assembly

All wire used is 100% copper(not tin coated) and jacketed to resist water,oil,and corrision

Both our 6 pole momentary switch options are of the highest quality on the market (Carling switch)

Roll assembly is made of 6061 extruded tubing and also utilizes UHMW end cones with one inch cold roll steel shaft

All hydraulic line is 4 wire rating and is 3,265 psi max with thick flexible jacket

Our tarps our constructed of 22oz vinyl (not 18 like other manufacturers) and range from 12 to 48 feet with other tarp material options available as well

Feel free to contact us about any questions that we can answer for you and help you with your decision on your purchase!




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